Are you sure that your trip to Barcelona is not an attempt to escape from reality?” – mother asked her. The absence of happiness and joy after losing her dream-man was too harmful to a young lady, you should understand her. She needed to leave. There were so many reasons to do so, but the main was only one – to prove herself and the whole world that she can still be happy without him. She bought the tickets and packed her bag.

For the first time flying alone is an entirely new adventure. When you are sitting on the plane, some dramatic thoughts always appear, like, what if we all crash? When you are flying with a loved person, these feelings are not so scaring, because according to The Smith “To die by your side it’s such a heavenly way to die.” But, dying alone with a broken heart is not attractive. Fortunately, there was no crash.

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The past or the future

When you choose between something that happened yesterday and something that is going to happen tomorrow, what will you take?
Franz Kafka said: Some decisions cut the way back. They certainly should be made.
Can we ever be ready to say “bye” to the most beautiful time of our lives? It’s an eternal question, and the answer is simple only at first glance. It’s always better to go forward! But is it ever true? Should we push ourselves out of good moments, out of people that make us happy? What if these people can still make us happy? What if near this person you feel like it’s the most comfortable place on earth? What if you still feel love for someone, who is supposed to be in the past?

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Winter is not a season for breakup

One cold smoggy winter, a couple just fell apart. Like thousands of other couples have done around the world. Don’t you think that the winter is too cold for breakups? People should not leave each other when winter is coming. Probably that gentleman, that lovely poet she was dating had never heard about this. So two people fell in a big unknown whole, just like Alice in the wonderland, but neither smiling cats nor funny rabbits were waiting for them. Just loneliness.

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