About Little Darling

Who am I? This is a question that we are trying to answer our whole life. But it seems, I’ve found my key. There are words and there is me, and we are madly in love. So, I try to touch them carefully with all respect and passion.

I am a writer. I an writing since I remember me, diaries or just expression of feelings on any piece of paper. I am a person who likes to tell stories, to analyze things that happen to me. Why it’s happened, what it’s caused, how it has changed me or people around me. After all years of analysis I can say for sure: in nature, everything happens for a reason. People who think in other way are just too lazy to look for the reason, too busy or too harmed.

I love feelings, I like everything that makes me feel. I like to dive in the places or situations that are related to strong feelings. To sit on the bench, you were sitting together with someone special a long time ago or go to the “Titanic exhibition – the true story” imagining how almost 100 years ago gorgeous people were here, felt so happy and blessed, without knowing that soon they will lose everything. I think that feelings are one and only treasure we have, that’s why I like to find it and explore. Fortunately, nowadays there are lots of sources of feelings, like books, movies, songs, memories, conversation with other people, your own feelings finally.

How do I write? I let the feelings under my skin, breathe and then the fingers do their thing:)