Are you sure that your trip to Barcelona is not an attempt to escape from reality?” – mother asked her. The absence of happiness and joy after losing her dream-man was too harmful to a young lady, you should understand her. She needed to leave. There were so many reasons to do so, but the main was only one – to prove herself and the whole world that she can still be happy without him. She bought the tickets and packed her bag.

For the first time flying alone is an entirely new adventure. When you are sitting on the plane, some dramatic thoughts always appear, like, what if we all crash? When you are flying with a loved person, these feelings are not so scaring, because according to The Smith “To die by your side it’s such a heavenly way to die.” But, dying alone with a broken heart is not attractive. Fortunately, there was no crash.

She woke up in the city of sun, gulls, and hope. It was a bright, warm morning. She left her place and slowly started the day.  She didn’t feel happy yet, but she felt happiness around her. The builder on the street was shouting „Hola!” with a big honest smile. “It should be a good day.”

Lady didn’t like to travel alone, actually, she has never done it before. All fantastic trips in her life (France, Portugal, Czech, Hungary, Montenegro, Belgium) were organized by him, the dream-man. Going to Spain meant much much more for her than a usual trip.

The first destination was the Sagrada Familia at 10 am. How is it possible for a human being to build this impressive architecture? Did you know, that Antoni Gaudi suffered from the developed rheumatic disease since his childhood? And, he couldn’t do detailed drafts, so they were building by using only sketches.

Second place to see – Casa Mila.

Third – to walk down the street La Rambla. The main touristic route in Barcelona. So many people from the countries, all over the world. Somebody was talking, laughing, playing musical instruments. But there is not only joy in the air. You can also feel fear and pain. The 17th of August 2017… 13 people died, more than 100 were injured. Terroristic attack changed this place forever. When you see how crowded this place is, it’s easy to imagine how so many people were killed by the wheels of one truck.

Buy some jamon serrano and a cup of fresh fruits, go to Plaça Reial, enjoy every moment.

Finally port, gulls and…

the beach. When the girl reached the beach, she has realized, that La Playa de la Barceloneta itself could be the only reason to visit Barcelona. It’s perfect. Much more than she could have ever imagined.

But it was only the beginning of a much more perfect day.

Later, after lunch, she met him. A Spanish guy who was supposed to be her guide, but he became something else, a symbol of hope and the reason of hundreds of smiles on her face.

She got in his car. She has never done it before, never sat in the stranger’s car, but sometimes you just know that you can trust. He put some music, and they started to explore the city together. Beautiful parks, squares, hills, fountain show, tiny streets of Barri Gòtic.

While they were standing on Montjuic hill near the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and enjoying the fountain show, he invited her to dinner.

They got in the car and went to another part of the city. Through illuminated roads and tunnels. What she especially liked it’s “Palmeras” everywhere.

Lady and a Spanish guy arrived at a place with dozens of restaurants and bars. He chose Japanese one because she told that she likes sushi a lot. They sat down at the table and began to enjoy the evening even more. It was warm and loud, and they loved it. When there is a silence around, you are afraid to say a single word, to ruin the calmness and be overheard. When it’s loud and crowded, you are just braver to say whatever comes to your mind.

They have talked about everything, big and small things, like the sense of living and his dog. No theme was forbidden; they felt like they know each other forever. So comfortable feeling, so beautiful moments of relaxation and just enjoying of being yourself.

She gave her a ride home. They were sitting in the car, smiling at each other and saying how they appreciated this evening. She kissed him on both cheeks (that’s what Spanish people do) and got out of the car. In a few minutes, when she was preparing to take a shower he sent her a message asking “Are you in your room? Everything is ok?”. It was sweet, she smiled, again. It’s important to notice that during the time she spent with him, the lady was laughing so much, that her face muscles started to hurt. But it was that kind of pain when you are pleasant to feel it.

She was falling asleep calm and happy, tomorrow a new beautiful day in Barcelona was waiting for her, and another meeting with a Spanish guy. Nothing worried her. It was just perfect.

In the beginning, she didn’t know, why she enjoyed the evening so much, was it a guy, the city or finally release after so much pain? Maybe all of that together.

“I don’t know how to say it, but I enjoyed being with you like it was not only a guiding tour but a real date.” She looked at the message. The lady was standing in the boarding queue. She was going back to her smoggy city, but everything was different this time, she was different. She found in Barcelona exactly what she was looking for. Hope for the bright future and believe in her strength.

P.S. If you are interested, a Spanish guy has never become her “lover,” “boyfriend,” even a “friend” or whatever you might think. He healed her with his kind heart and dozens of jokes and then went his way.


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