Winter is not a season for breakup

One cold smoggy winter, a couple just fell apart. Like thousands of other couples have done around the world. Don’t you think that the winter is too cold for breakups? People should not leave each other when winter is coming. Probably that gentleman, that lovely poet she was dating had never heard about this. So two people fell in a big unknown whole, just like Alice in the wonderland, but neither smiling cats nor funny rabbits were waiting for them. Just loneliness.

After two years of a shared home, talks and dreams and home. The girl and  the boy decided to cut all ties and have a new start. All of the people around love to ask the reason “Why?” with a face full of sympathy. And you never know, if they feel sorry for you or if they are happy inside because now you share their grief. And now they will have a new member of their team to share pain, thoughts, and ways how to handle it. Sometimes, there is no certain reason “why?”, he just said one morning: “I still have feelings for you, and I am still happy with you, but I feel like it is not going to work in the future.” So just like that, they split on the 16th of November. She moved to another place. He stayed.
This story is not about how to survive a breakup when your heart is bleeding, and all of your hopes betrayed, but rather how to survive if you were left alone in the winter. You wake up in the cold old building made of stone (just like his heart). The floorboards are creaking, and trams are rumbling under your window, so it’s impossible to fall asleep. The snow is falling and it makes you remember how on one beautiful day in the past, how you and him were chasing the snowflakes, trying to catch one more piece of this beauty. The air quality is always poor in the winter, and the smog smells like something is burning. You can’t breathe fresh air. How can you have a fresh start if you don’t have fresh air? But you know what is the worst? There is no sun in this grey city. When there is no daily light for me, there is no hope.
In the Spanish language, there is a word ‘Friolero’, and it’s describing a person who is very sensitive to cold weather. Probably I am this person. Perhaps we all are that person when we are left alone just before the cold times come.
All this girl owns after an ugly breakup is two things: a room and a job. So, she takes her money and just buys a flight to sunny Barcelona where she thinks she will find some hope and live.

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