The past or the future

When you choose between something that happened yesterday and something that is going to happen tomorrow, what will you take?
Franz Kafka said: Some decisions cut the way back. They certainly should be made.
Can we ever be ready to say “bye” to the most beautiful time of our lives? It’s an eternal question, and the answer is simple only at first glance. It’s always better to go forward! But is it ever true? Should we push ourselves out of good moments, out of people that make us happy? What if these people can still make us happy? What if near this person you feel like it’s the most comfortable place on earth? What if you still feel love for someone, who is supposed to be in the past?

Is it just good memories and the fear of the future without this person? Do we just need time to forget? Or is it something real we need to fight for? The matter is that I am pretty sure, that everyone can live without anyone. Of course, if this person is mentally healthy. Even the mother after losing her child can live. If so, how should we understand that this particular person is someone special, that you have to do something to save your relationships? Or maybe there are no special or not special people if you were together for a long time, and you used to love someone – it’s always special. The only thing that determines it’s destiny. If you are meant to be together, you will be sooner or later. But definitely, it doesn’t mean that you should just sit and wait.
If life is giving you an opportunity to meet someone else. Someone who is most probably hopes that he can fall in love with you, that you can be the one. Should you go and see this person? Should you open your heart and somewhere deep inside also try to believe that this guy may be the one for you? Should you do this if it can cut the way back? Better to ask yourself if you are ready to give destiny a chance to surprise you?
If inside you are still connected with your past. Can you take a step forward? Won’t you regret that you didn’t try more to fix the things that were broken? Maybe you didn’t try hard enough? Maybe you gave up too early? For sure, I don’t want to sit in a few years on the bench in the park, telling some strangers the stories about my true love I’ve lost. Now we are young, and it seems that we have so many time to find love, to lose and get people back, that we don’t appreciate what we have. Don’t appreciate the fact that fate has already given us a wonderfully sweet person, we are truly happy with, the person we love. So we break everything without any fight. Why can’t you understand that love is something you need to win and after that learn how to take care of this feeling during all our lives?
Maybe whatever is going to happen, “will” is always better than “was.” And Kafka is right, we should always go forward, if nothing in the present is trying to hold us, to make us stay. If the person you even still love just gave up. “And those who don’t believe in magic never will be able to find it.”
But nobody said that the person from your past can’t become one day the person from the future. Life is so unpredictable, and it’s something I like most about her.